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went out for a walk today, not a usual one, went to areas and parks of the city
i have not been to yet, noticed a group of people at a park talk about plants
and what species this and that is, made me realise its actually rather cool,
read up a bit about it online, i think i want to do some study on it, can’t
hurt taking a book with me while wondering around the park looking at all
the flora


still needing some ideas on my page
if anyone has any ideas then let me know 🙂
i suppose i should be using my page more often, but ah times a wonder huh.
blogging via mobile is probably a better solution for this…once i work out how to do that.


need some idea’s on updating my profile ,
im not all that creative…but surely i can come up with something…
new pic or page layout? not sure, time for a change though
still busy with end of year reports from 2011 with an upcoming busy season
wish me luck


thinking of going on holiday, had almost no days off last year, so i think i have quite a bit of time owing
not sure where i would go though…been looking around
online, but might just give up and go to a travel agents



I finally decided to create my own blog. I am not much of a writer, but here goes… it
can’t be that hard, right?
I am a very busy worker, and do not have much time for personal activities
, so I figured I might as well make something useful out of the little time i have spare
and start blogging. Should be
Wish me luck!
B. Clay

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